scroll down to read about this beautiful island, located just 30 minutes off the Sicilian coast. Take a look at the amazing beaches in the area, and a nice place to eat.

Favignana, a small pearl of an island

As soon as you arrive in Favignana, the first thing you will notice is the dry weather. i expected to find 40 degrees, but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that the winds kept the temperature at a very enjoyable level. The bus driver that picked us up on the first day gave us a tip on the best beach to visit that day, basing his observation on the direction of the wind. So we decided to trust his experience and headed for Cala Azzurra.

Cala Azzurra

Cala Azzurra was once a sandy beach, but the wind - once again the main player on this island - swept away all the sand, leaving the coast as a rocky and quite difficult to climb beach. I wouldn't advise to go there if you have kids in a pram or are with old people. Apart from this, the beach really is wonderful and snorkeling is amazing next to the semi submerged cliffs. behind the small beach, there is a path you can climb to get a better view of the sea, and on top of that there is a small bar where you can eat the typical Sicilian "pane cunzato" for just 3 euros or also rent deck chairs.

After Cala Azzurra, we moved on - by foot - to the next beach: Bue Marino. The walk to get there was beautiful, in the middle of a typical Favignana sight.

Moving around, with (not so much) style

The island of Favignana is pretty small and it's easy to move from one beach to another by foot, if you plan for a super budget holiday. Alternatively, it's possible to rent a bike for 10 euros a day, an electric bike for 15 euros and a car for 45 euros. We decided to rent a car for the second day, and we received the most destroyed fiat cabrio you could ever imagine: passenger door wouldn't close, the roof was half open all the time, the entirety of the car was covered in dust and sand and the engine would make a weird noise. But at least it was moving and taking us where we were supposed to go on that day: Spiaggia del Pellegrino.

We get to the beach, but find out we didn't keep in count the wind!!! So the sea was quite rough and not nice to snorkel or bathe in. We decided to sunbathe a bit and leave after midday.

Rusty cars and adventures...

With the end of our short holiday coming soon, we tried to use the car as much as possible. And that is the highlight of the holiday. We were just going randomly through the island, took a secondary road - main roads were cemented, secondary were just dirt - with the intention of exploring the mainland. We were getting close to the only big rocky hill/mountain of the island, when suddenly our car collapsed. In the middle of nothing, the engine decided to stop working, leaving us under midday sun and with only one bottle of water. The situation was kind of hilarious to me, not so much to the driver of the car, who made me and the two other passenger get out and push the car from behind as we tried to start the engine again. After two or three attempts, the engine came back to life, and we jumped in the car as it was still moving.

Eating around Favignana

Restaurant wise, there is a wide choice of mediterranean places to pick from. The only advice I can give, is to make sure they have the exact plate you want from the menu before you sit down and order the drinks!! That is because the fish is always fresh, and if you get there late, they might have ran out of most things. Overall, the restaurants were very nice. There is one place that was hands down the best one, and that i feel worth mentioning:

Restaurant "Le Sorelle"

We spotted this place earlier in the day while wandering around with the car, and decided to head there for dinner the same night.

Once arrived, we were seated in a dreamy setting: the restaurant was located in the middle of a small pine woods, with dim lights and a deck with the tables, just next to the main building. We were given a welcome drink and a small appetizer. The menu was mostly fish plates - of course - but it had a nice choice of meat and vegetarian dishes as well.

This restaurant is located in a wide wood area, but still close to the coast and the main road. Inside the park, there is also a residence.

Pane cunzato

Sweet bomb

Some tips for short weekends:

book the flights at reasonable times for using as much time as possible: arrive early in the morning and leave late in the afternoon. so you have more time to enjoy your weekend

if possible, do not book meals from the hotel restaurant: it's always nice to go out and try different restaurants and enjoy the local dishes
before buying one. ask the hotel if they have beach umbrellas they can lend you! we made the mistake of buying one and finding out later the hotel was giving them for free

enjoy your holiday, don't be stressed!

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