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Friday guest post: one weekend in Amsterdam

Cool Facts:


in total, there are 165 canals in the city of Amsterdam, which sums up to more than a hundred kilometers of "water roads".


That's how many bridges you could cross in the whole city of Amsterdam. 80 of them are located in the city center.


that is the number of bikes that are extracted from the canals yearly. It's estimated that the total fallen bikes in a year is 25'000, which means that 17'000 bikes might still be abandoned under the waters.


that is the approximate number of all the bars and cafes in the city. It sounds like never running out of options on nights out. It would take more than four years to visit all these bars and cafe, going in a different one every day.

flowers and a typical building

Is it actually a good idea to visit European cities just for a weekend?

As you might have noticed, many of my recent posts - and also some of the guest posts - were about short trips in cities inside Europe.

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Budget-wise, going on more weekend trips rather than just one entire 2 or 3 weeks holiday, can be very rewarding on the satisfaction and travel bug side. But it can also be a burden on your wallet if you don't plan it well and end up spending a lot.

So how can you make sure that your wallet will survive your short weekend getaways?

  1. Plan in advance 

    last minute goers might not like this, but one of the best tricks of securing a cheap hotel fee is to plan months in advance. If you - like me sometimes - occasionally get a serious case of itchy feet, you can still book something last minute with one of the many sites that are becoming popular lately. (just type "last minute packages" "last minute deals" and so on on google!)

  2. Travel light

    not only for your wallet, but also for your soul. Traveling with only cabin luggage is way less stressful than having to be worried about your luggage not arriving with you at the airport. You can still buy most things in shops. As I always tell myself: "you can forget everything except your id, phone, ticket, credit card and phone charger".

  3. Cook your own food

    it's always nice to eat the local food in a restaurant, but if you have the chance (for example if you booked an airbnb) it's also a good idea to cook yourself at least one of the two meals of the day, or maybe breakfast. It also depends where you are. For example, this would be a good idea in Switzerland, where restaurants are very expensive.

  4. Document yourself on free stuff to do and discounts

    are you a student? you might be entitled for a price reduction in many museums. In Milan, if you are a student, you even enter free at the museum of '900, for example.

Take a look at Stella's photos

Stella is a young language students. She is interested in international affairs and humanitarian aids, and also likes to write her own articles and short stories.

Sir Albert Hotel - Latin Quarter in Amsterdam!

This sophisticated hotel is located in Amsterdam's Latin quarter, De Pijp district. Once a working class quarter, it is now lively and home of diverse cultures and ages. Surrounded by many cafés, restaurants, coffee shops and bars, it's also a short train ride from the central station.

Sir Albert Hotel also has public spaces:

  • Study - where you can relax and have a drink
  • Gym - will be opening soon
  • Library - with a selection of international titles

Location of Sir Albert Hotel

General info

If this inspired you, then you should definitely take a look at the city's website "I amsterdam". I find that it has one of the best front pages that I've seen so far in my - modest - traveling career. It's worth a look.



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