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48 hours in Milan

Milan is one of my favorite cities – not sure it would be if I didn’t have so many friends there, who showed me the hidden places around it – and I also happen to live quite near. I wanted to share some of the pics from a while ago.
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City view…


Tea time & some graffiti…

Restaurant “il Pesciolone”!!

Like the best things, we found it almost by mistake while wandering around looking for a place to have dinner. I loved everything about it, and the staff was also very nice.

10 Corso Como…

This place is – apparently – closing soon. Loved the cafè, where while you eat, small birds are flying around waiting for crumbs…

General info

This is a “sum-up” post, so I am not really able to give detailed advice about places like I did in the Barcelona one, that you will find here.

You can find official info for tourists here on the website, where you will also be able to browse through events such as music, theatre, dance, fashion, design, and many more!!

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