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Yoga: My personal feelings, outcome and opinion on its benefits

Are you looking for a reason to start doing yoga? Or maybe you just want to do “something” but nothing that’s too aggressive after a period of inactivity where – like me – your best routine was work-eat-sleep repeat.

I was always interested in yoga, and I even took some classes over a year ago. But I recently discovered the pleasure of a yoga session at home, in the garden.

1. You are more flexible.

Yep, that’s the main reason I picked yoga: I wanted to get back to the days where I was doing RG and could stretch all over the place. Like all things, becoming flexible won’t be an immediate result, but over time you will notice the benefits, here are my top 2 favorites:

  • being able to do poses that seemed super difficult;
  • no more stiff shoulders or back pain.

2. Better posture.

Like ballet dancers look incredibly graceful even when going around running errands, you will notice that the shoulder pain after a day of work will decrease significantly or even disappear completely. That’s because without even noticing, you will crouch less over your phone or in front of the computer at work.

3. Placebo effect.

Many relevant figures in the medical field claim that if something is “cured” via the placebo effect, well, it doesn’t count. But, among some of the most famous & positive yoga results we can find:

  • you are happier & more relaxed;
  • increased self esteem;
  • more focused, inner strength, self-awareness;
  • improved immune system;
  • improved self care.

I am pretty sure that many of these positive effect are a consequence of the positive mind set we have when we start doing something positive for ourselves, in this case yoga. It’s important though to understand that sometimes, some things need to be fixed via modern medicine and by seeing your doctor, who will be able to advise you best.

4. You will sleep better.

I can’t really explain this one, but I’ve noticed that when I decide to do yoga in the evening – I usually do it in the morning – then I sleep better. It’s not just sleeping better, for me it’s also the feeling when you wake up: it’s like my legs are super light and floating in bed. Does that happen to you as well or is it just me?!

Let me know your top reason for doing yoga, and if don’t do it already, I hope this post inspired you to try!

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