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Street food in Lugano

This weekend, the Street Food Festival hits the streets of Lugano!! And – finally – the rain stopped falling and the sky is blue and without a single cloud. It’s still a bit cold, and I am wearing my winter jacket again, but hopefully summer will finally come.

But what’s so special will you think? Well, street food is a mixture between finger food and fast food, and it’s meant to be eaten immediatly. Super famous in the States and in Asia, street food is expanding all over the world, and since 2015 the Street Food Festival landed in Switzerland, for the first time in Lugano this year, I was so excited!!

The general atmosphere was so nice, take a look at some of these snaps:

As soon as we arrived, you could smell barbecue skewers from far away and that’s the first thing we ate!! I managed to take a quick picture before they were all gone:

The lakeside was all set up with food trucks, tables, and chairs. There was a lot of diverse trucks, a lot of different options and menus to choose by.

The stands were very nice as well, and I had a very nice cheesy bacon burger:

After that, yep, we had some Pizzoccheri!!! One of my favorite winter dishes, it’s native from Valtellina, Italy.

So my experience at the first Street Food Festival in Lugano was super positive!! Looking forward for the next events all over Switzerland. You can find more info on their website here, which also redirects you to the single event pages on Facebook.

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