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Friday Guest Post: Manny’s weekend getaway to London

Hello everyone and welcome to the NEW Monthly Friday Guest Post Series!!! For the first post, I’ve asked my fellow Twitter user and friend Manny to share some of the best impressions of his recent weekend getaway to London: he walked 35 km all around the city!

Get to know Manny
When he’s not traveling, Manny lives in Val di Non just above Trento, Italy. He’s 24 and works as a programmer. His passion for photography has started to gain relevance after he opened his instagram account in 2013.

Go check out his instagram for more snaps, and join 2000+ other followers!
You can also follow Manny on Twitter or watch “A day in London” on his YouTube channel.

Scroll through the stunning pictures he took and get inspired for your next weekend getaway.

Hover the picture to read the caption or click to enlarge the gallery.

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