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5 alternative reasons to visit Lugano this summer

img_0037Did you just come home from your latest trip, with your camera roll full of pictures and your mind full of good memories, just to realize that your inner traveler is already planning the next short (or long) weekend?

Then this might be the perfect mini guide for you.

Lugano is located on the lake, in the italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Other than that – if you are planning for a longer stay or an itinerant journey – it’s just a train ride away from Como and Milan.

Late spring might just be the perfect time to visit this small city, as you will get the best glimpse of many locations around town.

A highlight of the reason you should totally visit Lugano this year:

  1. Tourist receive a comprehensive public transport pass: that means you will not have to pay for a single ride you take while you are visiting. This is new: it’s been introduced this year and so far every tourist was satisfied. This pass will allow you to visit some of the following attractions without having to worry about transport money. Find timetable here: FFS Timetable.
  2. Parco Ciani: it’s the town’s park. Inside you will find:
    – a natural history museum
    – sculptures (statues, trees,…)
    – a playground for kids
    – lake-side path (perfect for pictures!)
    – a small beach where swans and ducks rest
    – occasionally there are events such as apero standing dinners.
    the entrance is free.
  3. Monte Brè (Mount Brè): this small mountain is worth visiting. Once on top, you will have an amazing view over the Town of Lugano and the lake. The usual way to get on top is the Funicolare.Even better, you can sit for lunch, dinner or coffee on top of Monte Brè, while you enjoy your food with an amazing view at Ristorante Vetta or at the Osteria Funicolare (see picture below). This option is also available for big groups celebrating events (be sure to get in touch in advance). 
  4. Saporinlibertà (regional food festival): from March 11th and until the 9th of April. This is a traditional food festival that extends all over the region of Lugano. 
  5. Fox Town for the shopping addicted just 20 minutes away: this is a well known outlet village. Fendi, Gucci, Furla, you can shop high fashion brands at a discounted price. See more and browse through the available shops on their website Fox Town.

If this guide hooked you up, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I can help you organize your weekend away.


  1. Len Kagami Len Kagami 17 April 2017

    The free public transport pass for one day looks appealing 🙂 Thanks for sharing this tips. But does it include the price of the funicular?

    • busystardust busystardust 17 April 2017

      Hi Len! The “Ticino Ticket” entitles you to free rides on all national transport, which means trains, buses and some boats. However, the funicular is not considered national transport. You will still be entitled to a price reduction of 30% with the Ticino Ticket! Find more info on this page
      Cheers x

      • Len Kagami Len Kagami 17 April 2017

        Wow! 30% is still a huge deal for the pricey ticket in Switzerland 🙂 I think Basel have a similar offer. Free transport ticket for anyone spending the night in the city.

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